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Re: Reseting content/database/schema


Please, let's keep the discussion on the list.

On 13-11-08 12:26 AM, Merve Temizer wrote:
> Tandy thanks for your answer.
> Might the problem be about default conf despite that i was able to add
> my ldif at first installation?

Sure, it's definitely possible that I was wrong. It doesn't really
matter, though: stop the daemon and remove everything from
/etc/ldap/slapd.d and from /var/lib/ldap, and you're immediately in a
clean and unconfigured state. Purging and reinstalling the package
doesn't do much else.

If you want more detailed help, please provide more details about the
problem: a full transcript of the commands you're running (including any
input files) and their output, plus the exact version of OpenLDAP you're
running, would be a good start.

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