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Re: different hdbs for ou

Denny Fuchs wrote:
> hi,
> I have one main HDB Database for:
> dc=example,dc=net -> /var/lib/ldap/
> with one subtree:
> ou=department,dc=example,dc=net
> Now I want to let other departments use our N-Way LDAP server too. My idea was to put the new departments into different hdb databases:
> ou=department-1,dc=example,dc=net -> /var/lib/ldap/department-1/
> ou=department-2,dc=example,dc=net -> /var/lib/ldap/department-2/
> ou=department-n,dc=example,dc=net -> /var/lib/ldap/department-n/
> all with own admin access to there root dn.
> How should I do that?

Why do you want to have separate databases?
What does "use" mean in this context?

Ciao, Michael.

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