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Re: Antw: Re: Object not found

--On Friday, August 30, 2013 10:55 AM -0500 espeake@oreillyauto.com wrote:


I tried this morning to change the password:

ldappasswd -s <password> -Wx -D "uid=admin,dc=<domain>,dc=com"

I confirmed that the hashed password changed.  I still get invalid
credentials.  I am betting that there is some little simple thing that is
holding this up.

Ok, so error (49) means one of two things:

a) Password is incorrect
b) No such object

No such object means either the entry you are attempting to bind as does not exist in the LDAP DB, or ACLs prevent reading it, so it appears not to exist.

My guess is this ACL is blocking access to the entry:

olcAccess: {5}to dn.subtree="ou=System,dc=oreillyauto,dc=com" by
dn.subtree="ou=Users,dc=oreillyauto,dc=com" none by users read



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