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Re: Mirrormode replication

--On Wednesday, August 21, 2013 2:27 PM -0400 "Darouichi, Aziz" <adarouic@post03.curry.edu> wrote:


I have 3 local servers and 1 remote server. All servers are configured
for  Mirror  mode replications.  Every night replication stops on the
remote server. Once I delete the database on the remote, start services
replication works fine,  the next morning I have to go through the same
process.   The remote server is a  VM image of one of the local servers.
They hosing company  changed the  host name,   IP address and allowed
communication via a VPN tunnel between them and us.

OpenLDAP version?

I would also suggest you set TCP timeouts in the syncrpel configs, assuming linux:


is what I use.



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