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Re: attribute to store system mailbox value

Nick Milas wrote:
On 19/8/2013 6:20 ÎÎ, Zeus Panchenko wrote:

may somebody to recommend the attribute to store path to system mailbox,
among attributes of schema files shipped with openldap,

"system mailbox" is the path to mbox format file or maildir directory
where MDA (depends on MDA configuration) stores received mail messages

so, to not to add new LDAP object and attribute definition, I'd like to
know, may be close by function attribute already exists?

I suggest using a specialized schema for such use. Maybe you would want
to read through this thread:


I've faced a lot of problems until I decided to follow the approach
described in that thread, i.e. a custom schema (with our own OIDs) based
on laser and qmail-ldap schemas.

IMHO there is a lack of a good ldap mail schema to cover a wide range of
user needs out-of-the-box.

Storing site-local information inside a distributed database strikes me as a bit counter-intuitive. But if your MDAs have distributed access to these mailboxes, then the most natural solution would be to use an attribute containing a URL.

Our usual approach, since LDAP lacks an actual URL attribute syntax, is to define attributes that inherit from the labeledURI attributetype for these purposes.

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