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How to correct delete objects from cn=config?

Hello people,

I would like to ask for correct and/or official way how to remove objects from 

I have found "how to delete backend DB" and "can't delete bdb backend from 
cn=config" threads. I know I can activate experimental delete support for 
cn=config, but I don't want to use experimental features.

I would like to do it correct way. Can you explain how to delete objects from 

I wanted to test null backend so I have added olcModuleLoad: 
{1}back_null in cn=module{0} and then I have created olcDatabase={2}null in 
cn=config. After testing I wanted to delete null backend and unload null 

But it is impossible to delete olcDatabase={2}null from cn=config (error 53 
unwilling to perform) and it is impossible delete the back_null module (error 
80 cannot delete olcModuleLoad).

What is correct way to remove such configured backends and modules? I have 
read about slapcat and slapadd, which can be used to dump cn=config into LDIF, 
then edit this LDIF and import with slapadd, but the slapd should not be 
running. Is this only way how to remove some configuration?

Is there any other way to remove configuration online?

Thank you for answers.


Robert Wolf.