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MAC and Network Asset Inventory on LDAP


We are planning on using FreeRadius for MAC-auth based on MAC addresses (to be) stored on our OpenLDAP (in parallel to 802.1x using our ldap-stored users).

With that opportunity we would be aiming at starting a comprehensive network asset inventory. So, I would like to ask people to share their experience regarding storing MAC addresses and other device info on LDAP.

If using LDAP for device inventory, are you simply using device and ieee802Device object classes (in core.schema and nis.schema respectively), or you would suggest a more specialized/extensive schema to be used instead or additionally (auxiliary object class(es))? Which?

An example method (found with some googling):

Of course, one could try to re-invent the wheel (custom schema, custom apps), but I am sure there should be some well designed schema(s) around for this purpose.

I think that it would also make sense, if possible, to be able to use a storage format that can be leveraged by other open-source network assets management software (like ocsinventory-ng or openipam, which however use SQL backends).

Any experiences/suggestions would be highly appreciated.

Thanks and Regards,