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Re: Antw: Re: contextCSN values and MMR

Christian Kratzer wrote:
> On Mon, 12 Aug 2013, Ulrich Windl wrote:
> <snipp/>
>>> I have always suspected that this is due to the specific setting of:
>>>         syncprov-checkpoint <ops> <minutes>
>>>                After a write operation has succeeded, write the contextCSN
>>> to the underlying database  if  <ops>  write
>>>                operations  or more than <minutes> time have passed since the
>>> last checkpoint. Checkpointing is disabled
>>>                by default.
>>> Not sure though.
>> do you "query" by slapcat or by an LDAP search? For the former it's documented
>> that contextCSN is updated lazily. For the latter I'm not sure.
> I have had the same use case Michael is getting at in the back of me
> head for some time.  I would also like to verify replication status by
> checking the contextCSN on all servers via an ldapsearch from a
> monitoring script.
> I would expect an ldapsearch of the contextCSN to deliver a current
> and valid value that should be identical over all servers.
> It seems this is not the case.  I will run a couple of tests to verify
> this myself in my testbed of 2 mmr masters and 2 slaves.

Even worse my results with 3 MMR providers and 2 read-only consumer replicas
are sometimes not very pleasant regarding data consistency. At the moment this
test servers are running as VMs on ESX server. I will repeat my tests with
real hardware to make sure there's nothing wrong because of the virtual

Using delta-sync MMR does not make sense in my case because entries will be
completely added, modified or delete. (I have no influence on the client app
writing there.)

Ciao, Michael.

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