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Replicate translucent ldap


I have an unusual setup and would like to hear opinions about it.

We have an AD in a central office. I have to replicate an ou portion of it once a day to a remote location. (Using the remote AD is technically not an option here and a daily update is sufficient.)

I add new attributes locally in a translucent setup. These attributes are used only locally and meddling with the AD is not an option either.

Access to this is ok, but I need to have copies of the overlayed ldap. (Reasons: Local redundancy is important to keep SLA with automated systems using ldap and also have another local office nearby with slow/bad connection so a local copy is needed there as well).

Reading docs and googling around I couldn't find a good and working solution for the local copies.

- Doing dumps and copy them over could work but it's a crappy solution imho.
- Replicating the 'AD portion' and the local db separately and doing 'local overlay' on the backup nodes might work but I'd prefer to use an already set up db instead of dynamically rebuild it in multiple locations).
- Doing 'classic' replication is not possible afaik.

Ideas or experience with similar scenario?

Thanks in advance