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should sssvlv and translucent overlays work together?

I am applying the sssvlv overlay globally and applying the translucent overlay to an ldap backend. If I execute a search like:

    ldapsearch -x -H ldaps://localhost -LLL -b dc=example,dc=com \
        -D "cn=admin,dc=example,dc=com" -w admin \
        -E 'sss=cn:' \
        '(filter)' cn mail localAttr1 localAttr2


the result is sorted by cn, as desired, but the ‘cn’ and ‘mail’ attributes are not included in the ldapsearch output for proxied entries. It doesn’t matter whether the filter refers to proxied or local attributes, or some combination. I’m not seeing any clues in the slapd debug output (-d -1). In the ldapsearch debug output it looks like the proxied attributes are not being returned from slapd.


So should the sssvlv and translucent overlays work together, and if so, where should I be looking for a misconfiguration?