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Re: documents or examples on defining / adding a new syntax?

Zhang Weiwu wrote:
> 3. Do I need to design a new syntax at all? My requirement is the following:
>     I need a new syntax for ranged-values. Examples are:
>     - netWeight: 12~13kg
>     - ISOSensitivity: 800~1600
>     - heightAdjustableRange: 1.2m~1.5m
>     The spec of ranged-value is a numeric, optionally followed by a
>     measurement unit, followed by a tild as seperatorâ, followed by
>     another measurement.
>     The syntax needs its own comparison rules, so that you can filter a
>     range, and get entries who offer values ranging in that range.

Not exactly what you're after but have a look at slapo-constraint. Maybe you
can find some suitable regex patterns for your use-case.

Hmm, it would be handy to have min/max constraints for attribute types for
which an ORDERING matching rule is defined. So maybe extending
slapo-constraint would be the most flexible way of implementing ranges.

Ciao, Michael.

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