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Re: Is my process correct.

"openssl verify" does the trick.


And to test if the key and the cert belong together:

openssl x509 -in $cert -noout -modulus | openssl md5

openssl rsa -in $key -noout -modulus | openssl md5

If the md5 sums don't match, the key or the cert is invalid.


Am 20.06.2013 um 18:04 schrieb "Rodney Simioni" <rodney.simioni@verio.net>:

A key/pair was sent to me from my admin  and it looked like it came from GeoTrust. It’s a wildcard cert.
I downloaded the Root CA  from  GeoTrust ‘s web site because LDAP requires the CA file.
What command do I use to make sure the key/pair that was sent to me is compatible with GeoTrust’s CA?

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