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RE: Encryption or hash for password?



Seems to be base64 encoded {crypt} password









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Envoyé : vendredi 15 mars 2013 15:58
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Objet : Encryption or hash for password?



I am using the default Ubuntu 12.10 openldap installation and have inherited an existing ldap setup. When I do a slapcat -n 1


It shows userPassword entries as follows:


userPassword:: e2NyeFB0fSQxJEkwKGc3bGJjJFpwL3JndlpCZDBlSPZuZGdoMFczTC8=


( password string has been edited... )


I am not sure how this is encoded... is there a way to find out? I have tried md5 which is currently the default encoding for our servers.


I have also tried slappasswd with various -h option to see if I can recreate the same hash if it is a hash. 


I want to add new users using ldif and would like to encrypt/hash their passwords in a similar fashion if possible.


Any help would be appreciated.




Gerhardus Geldenhuis

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