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separate login/password for several services?

hi all,

please, may somebody advice

I need to set separate credentials for each service I provide
(optionally) to my users

I think of something like this:

dn: uid=target-user,ou=People,dc=ibs
userPassword: ******
authorizedService: xmpp
authorizedService: smtp
authorizedService: pop
authorizedService: imap
authorizedService: mail
loginSMTP: mail-send-login
passwSMTP: xxx
loginPOP3: mail-get-login
passwPOP3: yyy
loginXMPP: login-xmpp
passwXMPP: zzz

can I achieve it? from which side to approach the issue?

Zeus V. Panchenko				jid:zeus@im.ibs.dn.ua
IT Dpt., I.B.S. LLC					  GMT+2 (EET)