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DR scenerio

Okay here is what we are wanting to do and I need to know if it is possible
with openLDAP.  We have a main production ldap server v. 2.4.28 running on
Ubuntu 10.04  We are adding two servers that will handle authenication and
refer writes to the main provider server.  What I would like to to setup
another provider in our DR site and have it pull replication from the main
LDAP server once a day, maybe twice.  Then in turn that server would be the
provider for two consumers at the DR site that would handle auth requests
and refer write to the provider at the DR site.  But the no changes at the
DR site would be written back to the main production provider.  I don't
want someone testing something in the DR to be written back to production.

In a nut shell I want to have two systems that look the same and the
information for the second system would come from a sync with the first
system, but the second system would not be able to write back to the main

Eric Speake
Web Systems Administrator
O'Reilly Auto Parts

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