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how to configure subsuffix?

hi all,

I'm absolutely new to LDAP and need advice, please

how is it better/correct to configure database to implement "corporative
users tree" covered?

what I mean is structure for head office (ho), branch 1 of head office
(bo1), ... branch N of head office (boN):

- ho -+- bo1 -+- People
      |	      +- Groups
      |	      +- Hosts
      +- boN -+- People
	      +- Groups
	      +- Hosts

I see it as core LDAP server which replicates db partially, to the
consequent branches

while trying to google the solution I found this (just what I described
as I believe):


but it've occured not enough for me :(

so, may somebody advice, how to implement the structure in .ldif?

Zeus V. Panchenko				jid:zeus@im.ibs.dn.ua
IT Dpt., I.B.S. LLC					  GMT+2 (EET)