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Re: OpenLdap from OpenCSW installation

Am Mon, 22 Jul 2013 18:26:24 +0200
schrieb michaÅ kÄpkowski <michal.kepkowski@gmail.com>:

> Hey,
> Has anyone of you install OpenLdap from OpenCSW repositories on
> Solaris? I've try to install using pkgutils:
> pkgutil -yi CSWopenldap
> than I read something more an add
>  pkgutil -iy berkeleydb48
> pkgutil -i CSWopenldap-back-bdb
> however my slaptest shows
> Unrecognized database type (bdb)
> 51ed5c62 /etc/opt/csw/openldap/slapd.conf: line 53: <database> failed
> init (bdb)
> Line 53 is the beginning of database configuration:
> database        bdb
> Do you have any ideas? Am I configured something bad?

Probably back-bdb is dynamically build in. Test with
./slapd -VVV
If so, you have to declare a module path and back-bdb module in


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