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Re: Upgrade to 2.4.35 Causes Instability, Errors

--On Wednesday, July 17, 2013 7:34 AM -0700 Tim Gustafson <tjg@ucsc.edu> wrote:

I recently upgraded OpenLDAP to 2.4.35 and I'm now experiencing some
instability issues, and also seeing a bazillion of the following error
in my log file:

bdb_dn2id_delete 0x108c68: delete failed: DB_LOCK_DEADLOCK: Locker
killed to resolve a deadlock -30995

I'm using the BDB backend at the moment.  One Google search hit I
found suggested I switch to MDB instead.  Would this help?

mdb (as-is) is not fully stable in 2.4.35, although I can provide you source that fixes the couple of remaining issues it had in that release. It's certainly faster all the way around than BDB for writes and reads for me, and once patched as mentioned, has been stable.

When you say you upgraded, what all did you do? Did you only upgrade the openldap binaries? From what openldap release to what release? Did your upgrade also change the version of BDB? What version of BDB were you on? What one are you on now? What does your DB_CONFIG file look like? What does your db_stat -c usage show for locks/lockers/lock objects etc?



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