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Re: unable to query rootdn on slave via external auth

--On Tuesday, July 16, 2013 6:12 PM +0100 Adrian Bridgett <adrian@smop.co.uk> wrote:

This has been driving me up the wall and I wondered if someone could
point out the bit I'm missing - the desk is getting badly damaged by my
head bashing it :-)

On our master server I can query the rootdb no problem, but I can't do
this on the slaves - this applies whether I use external or ldaps
authentication. I've turned on access and search filter debugging and I
can't see any rejections.  I'm trying to query contextCSN to ensure that
the slave is in sync.   "slapcat" works, but seems an ugly hack.  I can
query all the children - just not the root.

are the olcAccess rules identical between the two?

When you bind via ldapi, if you examine the logs at 256, is the search being mapped to the same DN on both master and replicas?



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