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Q: Multi-Master setup


I have a few questions for multi-master mode:

1) olcServerID (two arguments): if a node's salpd binds to some interface alias address, do I need an olcServerID for that interface alias, do I need an olcServerID for the physical host, or do I need both?

2) What is the correct syntax for the second argument (URI): Do you need a final slash, do you need the port? Currently I'm using a syntax like "olcServerID: 1 ldap://ldap.domain.org";

3) For the syncrepl privider, how is the syntax of the provider URI: With trailing slash, or with port, or with none of those? Currently I'm using a syntax like "olcServerID: 1 ldap://ldap.domain.org/";

4) Do I need olcUpdateRef? If so, for every server in the multi-master group? My guess is that without olcUpdateRef each server will accept local changes and sync those out.

5) How does "mirrormode=on" affect a multi-master setup? I'm dealing with a configuration tool (SLES11 SP2 YaST) tha tseems to have trouble with some configuration settings, so I wonder how the correct configuration will look like.

6) On "split brain": If one server is separated from the rest, and that server receives updates, and the rest receives updates also: The latest update of an entry will overwrite older entries once the servers join again, right? Once delta-syncrepl will work for multi-master, will the latest attribute change (as opposed to the latest entry change) be propagated to the rest?

I read the documentation, but could not find answers to all of the questions above. Maybe someone can help.