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Re: caseIgnoreMatch for Country String

Maucci, Cyrille wrote:
Hello gurus,

When I have this piece of schema included in my slapd.conf file…

attributetype (

NAME ( 'TestCountryString' 'TestCountryStringSyn' )

DESC 'Test Country String'

EQUALITY caseIgnoreMatch

ORDERING caseIgnoreOrderingMatch

SUBSTR caseIgnoreSubstringsMatch



… my 2.4.32 slapd –Tt complains with this error:

line 8 attributetype: AttributeType inappropriate matching rule:

My understanding of http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc4517 is that caseIgnoreMatch
is valid for country string:

"The *caseIgnoreMatch *rule compares an assertion value of the Directory

String syntax to an attribute value of a syntax (e.g., the Directory

String, Printable String,*Country String*, or Telephone Number syntax)

whose corresponding ASN.1 type is DirectoryString or one of its

alternative string types.


Could you confirm whether this is a bug in openldap or simply a
misunderstanding from me ?

Looks like a bug, schema_init.c doesn't list Country String as a compatible syntax here. You should submit an ITS for this.

Thanks in advance


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