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What should I use as hostname for php to connect to openLDAP?

Hello - I am a newbie to openLDAP and wants to get some help here.

I've deployed apache on a EC2 server, obtain an elastic IP from amazon and point xyz.com to this IP. 

I've installed a service provider(simplesamlphp) with hostname sp.xyz.com, pointing to this same IP. 

I've also installed an identity provider (simplesamlphp) with hostname idp.xyz.com, pointing to this same IP.

Now I am installing openLDAP on this same server. What hostname should I use for php to connect to this ldap server? Should I use "xyz.com" or "sp.xyz.com" or "idp.xyz.com", or something else like "ldap.xyz.com"? If I am using "ldap.xyz.com", where should I specify this hostname?