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Increasing olcSockbufMaxIncomingAuth

I'm running openldap 2.4.31 on centos 6.3.
I am seeing an issue where a very large group (> 270000 members) is being added to my directory and it is failing with the connection to slapd being closed.
I have tracked this down to this error:

      ber_get_next: sockbuf_max_incoming exceeded (19634099> 16777215)

and I can see that the olcSockbufMaxIncomingAuth value is set by default to 2^24 - 1 = 16777215.

I've tried increasing this value to 2^25 - 1 = 33554431 in cn=config and the request works fine.

Are there any problems associated with increasing olcSockbufMaxIncomingAuth?