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Re: Mirror mode replication

--On Tuesday, July 02, 2013 10:25 AM +0100 Philip Colmer <philip.colmer@linaro.org> wrote:

At the moment, we have a single LDAP server which we are using with LDAP
Account Manager for web-based object management and Atlassian Crowd for
authentication. The LDAP server is queried directly by other servers for
UNIX-level authentication, i.e. SSH and group membership.

I'm looking at introducing a second LDAP server and I'm leaning towards
choosing mirror mode as the replication methodology. Since the only
writes to LDAP come via LAM or Crowd, and these are both web-based, I
think I could set up an almost identical server to the one I have at the
moment and use a system like Amazon's Route 53 DNS service with health
checks to allow me to redirect users off to the second server if the
first server fails.

Just curious, why would you do "mirror mode" MMR vs just plain MMR? Do you feel you have a specific requirement that only one master ever receive the write traffic?



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