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Re: LMDB: MDB_MAP_FULL doesn't allow deletions


I may have spoken too soon. I'm now using a 32MB toy database, typical for my users. I'm pruning at 90% which seems to be about the right number, but… the number of pages in my mdb_stat() isn't reducing. So I'll do a round of pruning, maybe 5% of the records. But the next time I come around to mdb_put(), I have to do it again. Until some critical pruning mass is reached (for instance, I started pruning at 688622 and the pages didn't reduce below 90% until I had pruned down to 389958). My transaction grain is a very modest 50. I've tried closing and reopening the environment just to ensure that everything is fresh, but it doesn't change the stat I'm getting.

Does that make any sense/ring any bells? Thanks again for your help so far.


Am 12.06.2013 um 00:39 schrieb Jeremy Bernstein <jeremy.d.bernstein@googlemail.com>:

> OK, that seems to be working. Thanks for the tip!

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