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Re: ldap query performance issue

Meike Stone wrote:
2013/5/28 Meike Stone <meike.stone@googlemail.com>:

I ask this, because it seems to me, that the basedn does not matter in
the search ...

In my special (real world)  case, I have in the basedn 84,000 objects
but only one of this is a person with objectclass=inetOrgperson.
I have about 420,000 objectclass=inetOrgperson. In the directory are
2,000,000 objects at all.

The search with the specified basedn where only the one inetOrgperson
is located needs about 5 minutes ...

Looks like a bug in back-bdb, it retrieves the scope index but isn't using it correctly with the filter index. Please submit an ITS for this.

  -- Howard Chu
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