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Re: LDAP tool box

On 14/11/2012 11:24 ÎÎ, Jignesh Patel wrote:

Ok I just subscribed to the group. Now I have bunch of questions.

  * How is LDAP tool box project different then openLDAP?
  * Does this project supports HDB(not BDB) database?
  * Does LTB has any utility like
  * As you said LTB installs open LDAP at different location so does
    that mean we need to uninstall existing config(i.e. RPM) and
  * Under what licensing term LTB gets delivered?

I came across this unanswered message, so allow me to reply as a satisfied user of LTB (on more than 5 servers with syncrepl functionality):

LTB offers OpenLDAP RPMs for el5/6 (and derivatives like CentOS). It uses custom init script and paths so you don't need to uninstall system rpms. You decide what should run (using chkconfig etc).

LTB RPMs support HDB, BDB and MDB, include all overlays and provide TLS/SSL and syncrepl (provider and consumer) support (check the spec file in SRPMs for more).

LTB does NOT offer a UI for administration, but you can use JXplorer or phpdlapadmin, or other tools.

LTB also offers various "gadgets": http://ltb-project.org/wiki/documentation#packaging_and_openldap_extensions

I don't know if any license is applicable for the RPMs (I can't see anything online), but everything (including SRPMs) is available for free. Other gadgets are also free and license details are included in the packages.

Finally LTB offers friendly support: http://tools.ltb-project.org/projects/ltb/issues.

Best regards,