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Re: Newbie question about host base authentication

On 10/29/12 09:38 -0500, Dan White wrote:
On 10/29/12 13:23 +0100, Simone Scremin wrote:
Hi all,

I'm in the process of learning the OpenLDAP authentication mechanics.

I'd need to know what is the best way to configure an host based
authentication system that allow to configure a per-user rule to include a
group of host to which the user is allowed to login.

In example:

user Bob needs to authenticate on systems:


some configuration on the LDAP server enable this hostnames for Bob with a
regular expression like:


Is it feasable?

Assuming that you will be using a PAM module on each host, the answer to
that question will depend on which PAM module you choose, and what
configuration it supports.

If that module supports placing a filter within the PAM configuration, then
'host=sys0*pr*' should work.

Or, if you wish to literally store 'sys0*pr*' within your host entry in
ldap, your filter could be:


Dan White