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Re: MDB Status

Jonathan Clarke wrote:
On 28/09/12 02:38, Howard Chu wrote:
For those who haven't been following along, support for OpenLDAP's MDB
(memory-mapped database) library is also available for several other
open source projects, including Cyrus SASL (sasldb mech), Heimdal
Kerberos (hdb module), SQLite3, OpenDKIM, and MemcacheDB. A
work-in-progress patch for Postfix is also available, with a final
version coming soon. A backend for SQLite4 is also in the works. A
port of Android (JellyBean) for the Motorola Droid4 using MDB/SQLite3
is in progress (since my current phone is a Droid4).

Thanks for the update Howard.

Other projects are also in progress and will be announced in the near
future. The current list is also posted on
http://highlandsun.com/hyc/mdb/ - feel free to suggest other projects.

CFEngine is a similar project that would undoubtedly benefit from the
use of MDB - it's a lightweight, C program, to apply configuration
automatically to many servers across many operating systems and
architectures. They have use BerkeleyDB in the past, but abandoned it
for TokyoCabinet, although I know not all users are happy about that...

See http://www.cfengine.com and
https://github.com/cfengine/core/blob/master/src/dbm_tokyocab.c for the
source implementation of the TokyoCabinet usage.

Interesting. It would be a pretty simple adaptation, but I don't see any API for setting database-specific options. Being able to configure mapsize is essential; being able to configure maxreaders is often necessary too.

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