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Re: reconfig question

On 10/11/2012 08:24 PM, Mark Molenda wrote:
Can someone tell me where these files exist on Mint / Ubuntu or if this
is too platform specific , what directory structures
need to be removed prior to reloading to make sure everything is "new".
I am assuming someone can tell me
just remove "cn=config.ldif" directory etc.  in /etc/ldap or something
like that to get me up and running.

Newbie here using CentOS so not the same but on my box the config files are in /etc/openldap/slapd.d/ and the databases are in /var/lib/ldap/. If you do a locate or search for cn=config and DB_CONFIG I think you should be able to find them.

I usually first stop slapd then delete all in /etc/openldap/slapd.d/ and everything except DB_CONFIG in /var/lib/ldap. Then I start over again with slapadd ... and when done start slapd again.