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Re: pwdReset: TRUE not working

Le 05/10/2012 16:50, Jason Cwik a écrit :

I've recently configured a new openldap 2.4.32 server with the ppolicy
overlay.  Most of the features like lockout and minLength work fine,
but I can't seem to force the user's password to expire.  I've even
set pwdReset: TRUE on the user's record to try and force them to reset
the password, but it doesn't seem to do anything.
AFAIK, pwdReset TRUE just prevent the user to perform operation on the directory, but doesn't change anything on the bind operation. It means non-ppolicy aware client (apache mod_ldap, for instance) wont notice anything...

BOFH excuse #143:

had to use hammer to free stuck disk drive heads.