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Re: ~*~ [spam] Re: OpenLDAP freeze

--On Wednesday, May 30, 2012 7:35 PM +0300 Ioan Indreias <indreias@gmail.com> wrote:

One other thing I would note is that you have failed to provide your
OpenLDAP configuration (either slapd.conf for a slapcat -n 0 of your
cn=config DB).

Actually I have provided the slapd.conf file in my first mail - please
find attached what I have sent at that time.

Please keep replies on the list. I looked back at the start of the thread and didn't see any attachments. In any case, I have the following comments and questions.


a) Why are you setting serverID? You aren't doing MMR, or if you are, you have not configured it correctly (There is no mirrormode line set).

b) Get rid of the filters=... line in syncrepl config. Just use the default.

c) Your attrs=... line in the syncrepl config is invalid. Remove it and just use the default.


a) What kind of filesystem is /storage, where you are storing the databases?

b) if you remove the "logold" line from your accesslog configuration, do the deadlocks still occur?



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