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Re: Migrating from slapd 2.3 to 2.4


> This is an old can of worms, Bobby.

> Basically, Quanah & the OpenLDAP developers are not interested in 
> supporting old versions, because it takes away from the time they have 
> to work on the current version.  We as users should support this, 
> because the software will stop growing if the devs spend too much time 
> on older versions.

I understand completely.  I write software myself and only admin my
network enough to support my software development.  I have a small
number of users but a large number of machines hence why I use ldaps.

I dont want to support years old releases of my own software.
However, I dont radically change my config file formats either :)

> I've followed this policy for the decade or so that I've been using 
> OpenLDAP and been very successful.  I am running a large infrastructure 
> of Red Hat OL builds right now - dozens of replicas, with no problems 
> whatsoever.

Thanks!!  I'm going to tackle the conversion after I get this new
system in place.