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Re: DEL don't get synced


Nick Milas schrieb (28.04.2012 21:06 Uhr):
On 1/3/2012 6:32 ÎÎ, Marc Patermann wrote:

from a provider with pre 2.4.30 (from Feb. 21st) and four consumers with exact the same config (checked by md5sum), two with 2.4.26, one with pre 2.4.29 and one with the same pre 2.4.30 version, I get this:


Because even two server with the exact same config and the same release version are effected, I think this is a provider issue here.

Was just thinking: If you manage to install to all your machines (provider and all consumers) v2.4.31, do you still have this problem?
Thanks for the heads up!

All this brought a lot of trouble and instability to our system. So my colleagues hated me a bit about this. The system is somewhat stable with older version now. I'm going to think about the update.