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Re: Dynamic to Static LDAP

Hello Aaron,

Its not needed now. Infact currently our system on static LDAP but before moving to dynamic, we covering all scenarios.

Suppose, we move to dynamic LDAP and in future if any requirements comes up which we don't know how to make it then we might want to jump to static again. (Only reason - planning for knowledge gap because we know how to play with static LDAP)


On Mon, Mar 12, 2012 at 11:02 PM, Aaron Bennett <abennett@clarku.edu> wrote:

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Hello All,

We are using openldap 2.4 in our systems with berkley DB as a backend.

Now, in current scenario we are using static LDAP i.e. /etc/openldap/slapd.conf and whenever we want to change any configuration parameter then we need to re-start LDAP.
So, we decided to switch to dynamic LDAP i.e. using cn=config.

So, my Q's is:

I made my system running on dynamic LDAP like from past 2 months and in this span of time i implemented several changes. Now, suppose today i plan to again move back to use static configuration - Will i able to save all my changes what i did in all this time? OR All changes made are lost?


If Lost - Is there any way to retrieve the changes which i made? 


Please suggest.


Thanks and Regards,

Gaurav Gugnani


[Aaron Bennett]


What’s your reason for going backwards?  Have you had issues with cn=config?