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Re: the root of the directory tree

On Tue, 28 Feb 2012 11:02:43 +0100, stefano wrote:
i need that everyone can authenticate himself on the lan.

So you'll be needing LibNSS/LDAP and LibPAM/LDAP most likley.

every user will have his
permissions to visit different sites, to see server resources, etc.

Sorry, that I did not understand.

with the my configuration idea, is it
enough to have the Simple Binding inserting only the userPassword of
Person objectClass? do i need also account and simpleSecurityObject

Person allows password, so does simpleSecurityObject, so you don't need

But for a user to be able to login, they will need all the UN*X attributes as well. Such as uidNumber, gidNumber, homeDirectory etc, etc. So instead,
use 'posixAccount'.

But this is beyound the scope of this list. Please see howtos etc on the
'Net to have UN*X users authenticate againt LDAP.
... but you know as soon as Oracle starts waving its wallet at a Company it's time to run - fast.
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