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Re: OpenLDAP training Europe

Hi Pieter,

Symas does LDAP training - beginning to advanced- all over the world, but usually only by private engagement. We have a couple of private engagements in the UK coming up in May 2012. If you wanted to gather some folks together for a class and provide a venue we might be able to schedule a public class for you around that time. Our "Week of LDAP", which has been likened to a Boot Camp for LDAP, comes to mind.

Contact me off-list of you're interested in further details.



Matthew Hardin
Symas - The LDAP Guys

On Feb 22, 2012, at 4:17 AM, Pieter Baele wrote:

> Any recommendations for OpenLDAP traing going further then the basics?
> location: Belgium, France, Germany or UK
> Sincerely, PieterB