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db in shadow context without replication


I have a problem with a cancelation of replication of cn=config. I
configured replication of cn=config in slapd.d (without slapd.conf)
and I wanted to stop it.

First one, I didn't see how to cancel replication in cn=config
otherwise that deleting olcSyncRepl attribute directly in slapd.d
files since database was in shadow context. Is there a proper way ?

So I stopped slapd and deleted olcSyncRepl attribute and restarted
it. But when I commited change, it failed with error : "shadow context
without update referral" (there is no more olcSyncRepl in config) !

I tried to enable olcMirrorMode (directly in files again) but slapd
crashed at start saying that the database was not in shadow context !

I cannot explain this behaviour. How the server determine that a
database is in shadow context or not ? Is there a cache somewhere ?

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