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request for brief documentation

Dear team,

This is tirumala rao, working as a system administrator in infronics systems ltd, and i want to configure the open ldap server in my office and i have choose open ldap version-2.4.29  in the centos-6 and my problem is that i refered open ldap documentation but i didn't under stand "how to configure slapd" and i didn't find slapd.conf file in my centos-6.2

Actually i installed the open ldap in centos by using the command         yum install openldap*

and the out put as i have enclosed  in to attachment 1, please find the attachment and guide me how to configure slapd after install in centos-6.2

And in   /etc/openldap  folder  i found the files as in attachment 2

Thanks for advance and Please help me how to done the issue.

Attachment: open ldap conf
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Attachment: ldap conf files
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