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Re: circularly MMR Replication ?

Meike Stone wrote:
If you've got 5 hosts, Each host should connect to 3 other hosts for a mesh
network wherein any node can fail and the others remain online without
requiring every host be connected to every other host.

Ok, But what is a/the recommended replication setup?
It depends on the requirements if availability but also on the bandwidth
between the loaction, hardware.
If I configure such setup, it is much more complex like a circle. The
hardware and bandwidth using for each
server increases a lot.

We also want use one load balancer (one vrrp pair) in each location.
So each master has additionally a few ro slaves!

The application separates write and read access to two vips on the
load balancer.
If the load balancer can't reach the local master, all further request
(ro and rw) are directed to
the closest remote location and LDAP-Servers.

I also saw the last mail from Howard in the openldap-devel ml
regarding "ITS#7052" and ITS#6024.

Those issues are now fixed in git master. Circular configs should work perfectly well.

So I'm absolutely unsure, what I should configure! Are there
recommendations or practical experiences?

I think you already answered your own question - it depends on your requirements and your hardware.

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