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slapd-2.4.28 package for debian squeeze (was Re: making a full replica: slapd -c "rid=xxx" doesn't seem to work)

On 27/01/2012 19:03, Jephte CLAIN wrote:
On 27/01/2012 18:43, Michael Ströder wrote:
Jephte CLAIN wrote:
I use OpenLDAP 2.4.23 on debian squeeze
For various reasons I would not use the OpenLDAP 2.4.23 packages shipped
with Debian.

I'll try the newer version next monday to see if it fixes the issue.
time to go home :-)


I'd like to have a packaged version of slapd-2.4.28 to deploy on all my debian squeeze servers.

there is slapd-2.4.28 for wheezy, but the package doesn't build on squeeze (they changed a lot of stuff related to multilib, etc.) I'm trying to use the slapd-2.4.23 debian source package with the 2.4.28 openldap sources, but I'm not used to the debian build system, so for now, it's a failure for me.

so.... Is there anyone who has managed to build a slapd-2.4.28 package for debian squeeze? The source package would be cool, for me to understand the process, and be able to follow the newer releases if necessary

thanks in advance for any input/pointer

best regards,

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