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Re: syncprov_db_open: invalid config, lastmod must be enabled

Am Mon, 16 Jan 2012 20:11:02 +0100
schrieb "Angel L. Mateo" <amateo@um.es>:

> El 16/01/12 17:04, Howard Chu escribiÃ:
> >> The chain overlay has to be configured in the global part, prior
> >> to any database declaration.
> >
> > That might be true, but the actual error here is that the syncprov
> > overlay has been included even though there is no need for it.
> >
> 	If it is not necessary, how do I synchronyzed both ldap
> directories? I think I need it. I have configured chain overlay in
> global part and the problem has been fixed.

If you declare a database as provider (by calling the syncprov overlay)
this database accepts write operations, so there is no need for


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