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The problem of BINDDN/BINDPW in ldap.conf

Hi, all,

I'm using Ubuntu 10.04 and LDAP 2.4.23. I'm having difficulty with the basic binding.

I don't want to allow anonymous ldapsearch on the LDAP server so I specify a dn and password for the bind. If I use the following parameters for ldapsearch like

         ldapsearch -b "dc=ucsd,dc=edu" -D "cn=admin,dc=ucsd,dc=edu" -w 1234

This works quite fine. Then, I write the parameters into ldap.conf as follows:

BASE    dc=ucsd,dc=edu
BINDDN  cn=admin,dc=ucsd,dc=edu
BINDPW  12345

Then only BASE has effect. According to the ldap.conf manual, BINDDN is a "user-only" attribute and needs to go in ~/.ldaprc; it doesn't mention BINDPW at all.

But searching on the web, I found several cases that used "binddn" and "bindpw" in ldap.conf and worked successfully. So I'm quite confused for these two directives.

Could anyone explain a little bit to me on BINDDN and BINDPW?

Thanks a lot!!

Tianyin XU,