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Re: Heavy load problems

El 13/01/12 22:43, Philip Guenther escribió:
On Fri, 13 Jan 2012, Angel L. Mateo wrote:
	The only difference between the old and the new farm is that the old
farm was replicating information with slurpd. The new one is a multimaster
configuration. The configuration of the replica is:
	This configuration is in the 4 farm nodes. We have checked indexes and
both farms have the same.

You have the exact same indexes on your new syncrepl-based systems as you
did on your old slurpd-based systems?  If so, then you probably don't have
equality indexes on entryCSN and entryUUID, which will make syncrepl's
internal searches much slower and inefficient than they can be.

I have the same indexed than the old farm, plus indexes on entryCSN and entryUUID.

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