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How to enable monitoring in OpenLdap with cn=config Backend

Hi @All,

i would like to ask you how could i enable the monitoring backend in Openldap.

I'am using the cn=config Backend.

A little bit "googling" does not give me the needed information.

I found something like this:

http://dkluenter.gmxhome.de/ffg-tutorium.pdf , but with no information, how to enable the monitoring.

At openldap.org, the section

http://www.openldap.org/devel/admin/monitoringslapd.html#Monitor configuration via cn=config(5)

the section "18.1. Monitor configuration via cn=config(5)" is empty.

In the archive from this list i found the following thread
but this thread don't help me to got an idea what i should do, to configure the monitoring in openldap.

Do you have a doc or howto with further information about this?

I need the documentation for the cn=config backend. I don't have an slapd.conf!

Thanks and regards,


Gruß Axel