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Re: Issue with index in OpenLDAP?

--On Thursday, January 05, 2012 12:08 PM +0100 "External Mathieu DEDECKER (CAMPUS)" <external.z02mdebe@oxylane.com> wrote:

Hi Quanah and thank you again for your quick reply,

I did not deleted the *.bdb files, but I moved them in a backup folder.

My /db folder was empty, but the slapindex command failed because both
"dn2id.bdb" and "id2entry.bdb" files was not present. I needed to add
them in the /db folder in order to run the slapindex command.

Then, all index have been re-generated.

After the reindexation, the "cardnumber.bdb" file had the same size than

Could you confirm me that it's the best process to reindex an OpenLDAP?

Correct, you cannot generate indices if you remove your database. Specifically they get generated from the dn2id.bdb & id2entry.bdb files. It is sufficient only to remove the specific index you want regenerated, rather than all of them, and then to run slapindex with the appropriate command line arguments to just regenerate the index for that specific attribute.



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