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problem with authentication to AD server with translucent overlay

I am using openldap 2.4.23-20 on Centos 6.2 server and trying to configure the translucent overlay to do simple user/password
authentication (or anything that works) to our Microsoft AD servers.

I can do authenticated commandline ldap searches with a Windows test account and password with no problems. I have tried to build a config based on the examples in the openldap admin and faq-o-matic web pages without success. All I get from the AD servers through my server are anonymous bind results.

If anyone has this working, I would appreciate any information or config file samples as I need to deploy the server ASAP.

thanks, John.

p.s. I am not including my config files (ldap.conf,slapd.conf,etc.) as they are essentially copies of the ones from the openldap website. However, if you wish to see them, I can reply with the latest of 100 iterations :(