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Merging LDAP DB's


I would like to merge data from 2 LDAP DB's into 1.

So I have windows 2008R2 AD which has all of our corporate users in there, with passwords.  I would like to create another ldap DB for all the non-Windows users.

The aim is to use this  LDAP db as a userid/password repo for our product.

So for example if my ad naming it 

ad.com, so that the base 
DN: dc=ad,dc=com

I would like to say create a openldap server (say abc.local. ) on a server and attach another  DB as say dc=ldap,dc=ad,dc=com

So server abc.local I would setup 2 DB definitions
1) for a local db with base dn dc=ldap,dc=ad,dc=com
2) for a proxy (? Is this the best way or rewrite / proxy ?)  with base dn dc=ad,dc=com

Now if I make a ldapsearch using -H abc.local and a base dn of dc=ad,dc=com, will it include information from both DB's ?

All I want to be able to do, is to authenticate people against LDAP but my information need to come from both sources.

I don't want to have to pay a cal for each user I am going to add and I don't want to have to places to store my companys userid/passwords.