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Re: adding monitor to cn=config on already running slapd

On Donnerstag 13 Oktober 2011 19:30:01 Craig White wrote:
> The openldap guide suggests that the configuration for dynamic
> configuration is yet to be written and it seems it is probably easy
> to get configured from the start but not intuitive enough for me to
> add to an already running server.
> (this is my consumer if that makes a difference)
> # cat monitor-add.ldif
> # Load dynamic backend modules
> dn: cn=module,cn=config
> changetype: add
> add: module
> olcModuleload: back_monitor
> -
This is not a valid LDIF record. Please have a look at the ldif(5) 
manpage. You use "changetype: add" but the information that follows is in 
the format for "changetype: modify".

Additionally, as Marc already pointed out the "add: module" is also 
wrong. The value you use for olcModuleload wrong as well. You need to 
specify a file name there.

The other entries of your LDIF seem broken in similar ways, btw.