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chaining and referral object with two referrals


I use the overlay "chain" on one Server (lets call "global-ldap-01.site." ). 

How does the overlay chain behave, if it get an referral object with two referrals:

dn: ou=finance,dc=mycomapny,dc=com
objectClass: referral
objectClass: extensibleObject
ref: ldap://ldap-01-p.site/ou=finance, dc=mycomapny,dc=com
ref: ldap://ldap-01-s.site/ou=finance, dc=mycomapny,dc=com

This referral is in the DIT from the global-ldap-01 database, but refers to other ldap-servers.
(ldap-01-p and ldap-01-s are configured as N-Way multi-master and located in different data centers)

The objective is, that I can shut down one server (or if one Server fails) and the system is running without "bigger" disruption.

If I turn off the ldap-01-p, ldap-01-s will be used from the global-ldap-01
So that works fine. 
If the ldap-01-p comes back, the global-ldap-01 use it again automatically.

But if the Server ldap-01-p is down a longer time and I turn on this server, it has to replicate with the running ldap-01-s first.

Can I control or configure  this preemption and behavior? 

Thank and kindly regards